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    The Pavilion and Wisdom Traditions

    At the Pavilion, we welcome anyone sincerely interested in interreligious dialogue, interspirituality, and the application of metamodern theory, AQAL, or Spiral Dynamics to meaning-making.



    Metamodern Buddhism | Integral Zen | Fourth Turning | Ken Wilber



    Evolutionary Neo-Confucianism | Integral Neo-Confucianism



    Evolutionary Christianity | Integral Christianity | Pierre Tielhard de Chardin



    Evolutionary Taoism | Integral Taoism



    Evolutionary Jewish Renewal | Metamodern Judaism | Integral Kabbalah



    Evolutionary Vedanta | Integral Yoga | Sri Aurobindo and The Mother



    Integral Idealism | Integral Nietzsche | Integral Marx



    Integral Indigenous Spirituality | Evolutionary Shamanism



    Evolutionary Sufism | Integral Islam



    "Spiritual but not Religious and Integrally Informed" | Metamodern


    Our Annex to Paths

    pa·vil·ion: a structure or another building connected to a larger building; an annex.

    Christians have churches. Muslims have mosques. Buddhists, Confucians, Hindus, Jews and Daoists have temples. Humanists have lecture halls, coffee shops, and so on. Now we can say that integralists and metamodernists have the Pavilion, an “auxiliary path” that stands alongside other paths in the same way that a pavilion can be set adjacent to a cathedral. As members of this house of spirit, we take our role seriously as universal donors who can learn from all and give back to all as we have been given.

    Our Peer-to-Peer Group Activities for Holistic Integration

    The Pavilion is a house of spirit committed to cultivating powerful, healthy, and awakened lives ready to engage usefully with a world in meta-crisis. We do this by cultivating spiritual joy and soulful serenity in real friendships forged in communal celebrations and peer-to-peer experiences informed by integral and metamodern philosophy.


    1-2-3 of God

    Group contemplative practices based on the "Three Faces of Spirit" process created by Integral Life. Our meditations take you from “I” to “We” to “It” as you get in touch with each of these three primal perspectives on spiritual unfolding.



    Groups to practice spiritual awareness through meditation, mantras, prayer, and contemplation. Whether you are practicing from your own tradition or trying something different, you can taste your fullest spiritual awareness.


    Integral Mind

    Groups to study books by Hanzi Freinacht, Kurt Johnson, Sally Kempton, Steve McIntosh, Terry Patten, Ken Wilber, and others. Learning about our shared philosophy helps give us a framework for understanding Reality as we see it.


    Holistic Recovery

    Groups oriented to supporting our members who are in recovery from addiction and avoidance (allergy or anorexia). By creating an individual holistic recovery plan and attending meetings, we can find relief and learn to live again.


    Meta-Crisis Liberation

    We look unflinchingly at the global meta-crisis includes ecological collapse, economic exploitation, and threats to democracy, and then we will seek to define and actualize individual and group approaches to Spirit's liberating power among us.


    Integral Body

    Groups for building vital health in the gross body (physical), subtle body (psyche), and causal body (awareness). Add weightlifting, running, aerobics, sports, and other activities to your routine for a more “integral” workout.


    Subtle Energy

    Yoga, tai chi, qigong, breathwork, visualizations, art, and lucid dreaming are important elements in maintaining balanced energy wellness. Teach others from your expertise and learn new methods by tapping the expertise of your peers.


    Sacred Circles

    Our members have experiences in a variety of sacred groups: heart circles, indigenous gatherings, men’s and women’s work circles, and integrative circling. We encourage our members to explore options from the peers or bring something of their own.


    Spirit/Shadow Drama

    Groups for dramatic healing and shadow cleansing are not held at this time owing to covid and geography. However, as conflict resolution and reconciliation needs arise, we will create ad hoc ways of keeping our containers safe.


    Our Listening Tour

    Help us to better understand the Integral / Metamodern community

    These are the sorts of questions that we want to see answers to: How do you identify yourself: Integral? Metamodern? Evolutionary? Something else? Do you consider yourself a member of the Integral community or Metamodern community? What do you think this philosophy or spirituality is all about? What advice would you give the leaders of this community? How well do you think social media serves the community? How can the community better serve your spiritual and other needs? What do you want to see happen in the future for the community?

    What We're Hearing

    We are now on a listening tour to learn how people in our social circles understand the integral / metamodern approach to spirituality and what they would like to see happen in its future direction.